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Website provider for in-game gold and boosting in all 3 versions of the game.

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Elrado is a prominent website provider that has been serving the gaming community since 2018. With services available across all three versions of the game and beyond, Elrado offers a versatile platform catering to the needs of various players.



Fast delivery

Really cheap prices for in-game gold

Has been in operation since 2018 without any major issues


A boosting order hast to be fulfilled, no immediate boosting payment available

User-Interface might be hard to navigate


May 22, 2023

Affordability and Competitive Gold Prices

One key feature that sets Elrado apart is the remarkably cheap gold prices available on their website. When compared to other providers, Elrado offers highly competitive rates, making it an affordable option for players looking to acquire in-game currency.

Customized Boosting Services

Elrado adopts a unique approach to their boosting services. Rather than displaying fixed prices for boosting, customers are encouraged to provide specific details, such as the desired type of boosting, the timeframe required, and the desired speed of execution. Based on these factors, a customized price is calculated, allowing customers to make an informed decision regarding their purchase. This personalized approach ensures that customers receive tailored services that meet their exact needs.

Concerning Negative Reviews

While Elrado maintains a respectable overall rating of 4.5 stars on Trustpilot based on over 12,000 reviews, it is worth noting that recent reviews have raised concerns regarding payment and refund issues. Although these negative experiences are cause for caution, it is essential to consider the broader context of the overwhelmingly positive reviews and high overall rating. The larger picture suggests that Elrado is a reputable and trustworthy platform, but it is advisable to exercise due diligence and be aware of potential issues.


In conclusion, Elrado is a well-established website provider offering services across all three versions of the game and beyond. With remarkably cheap gold prices and a unique approach to customized boosting services, Elrado provides an affordable and personalized experience for players. The well-designed website and 24/7 customer support further contribute to the overall positive user experience. However, recent negative reviews on Trustpilot raise concerns about payment and refund issues, indicating potential areas for improvement in their support team. Nevertheless, considering the substantial number of reviews and the good 4.5-star overall rating, it can be reasonably assumed that Elrado is a safe and reliable platform for players seeking services. As always, exercising caution and conducting thorough research before making any transactions is advisable to ensure a positive experience.

Is Elrado legit?

Yes, we believe that Elrado is legit. Here’s a quick summary:

An good overall rating of 4.5 on trustpilot with over 12,000 reviews

Registered company based in Lithuania

The website runs on a secure SSL-encrypted connection.


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