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Conquestcapped is a reputable provider that specializes in a wide range of boosting services, including PvP, PvE, reputation, and professions. Their services are available for both the retail and WOTLK versions of the game, and their exceptional reviews contribute to their strong reputation.



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May 22, 2023

Competitive Pricing and Service Focus

One notable advantage of Conquestcapped is their affordable pricing for boosting services, which tends to be lower compared to most providers. This competitive pricing strategy can be attributed to their primary focus on enhancing and optimizing their services over time, providing customers with exceptional value for their investments.

Well-Designed Website and User-Friendly Navigation

Conquestcapped boasts a well-crafted website, characterized by its simplicity and user-friendly navigation. Visitors will appreciate the intuitive interface, which facilitates easy exploration and efficient access to desired services.

Limited Payment Options

Conquestcapped's payment options are relatively limited, primarily accepting Visa, Mastercard, and Apple/Google Pay. While these options cover a significant portion of customers, the absence of a wider variety of payment methods may limit flexibility for some individuals.


In conclusion, Conquestcapped stands out as a reliable provider, excelling in various boosting services for PvP, PvE, reputation, and professions. Their well-designed website ensures a pleasant user experience, with straightforward navigation. Additionally, their competitive pricing strategy enhances their appeal, providing cost-effective options for customers. While the limited payment options may pose a slight constraint, Conquestcapped compensates for this with their exceptional Trustpilot rating of 4.9 stars, based on almost 2,000 reviews. Overall, Conquestcapped is a highly recommended choice for individuals seeking reliable and affordable boosting services in the World of Warcraft gaming community.

Is Conquestcapped legit?

Yes, we believe that Conquestcapped is legit. Here’s a quick summary:

An impressive overall rating of 4.9 on trustpilot with almost 2,000 reviews

Registered company based in the US

The website runs on a secure SSL-encrypted connection.


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